Need To Purchase A Used Commercial Truck? 4 Tips For Finding What You Need

Posted on: 14 January 2021

If you need a new commercial truck, you can take a few steps that will make the process of finding a new, used commercial truck easier.

Tip #1: Get Approved for Financing

First, you are going to want to start by getting approved for financing. Purchasing a semi-truck, even a used one, is an expensive endeavor. Before you start searching for a new truck, you will want to make sure that you are approved for financing.

This will allow you to get the paperwork together to see if you qualify for financing. This will allow you to shop around and find the best possible interest rates as well. Additionally, securing financing first will also alert you to any credit score issues you may have before finding a vehicle you want to purchase.

You don't have to use financing you were approved for ahead of time; however, securing financing ahead of time will allow you to know your interest rates and borrowing limits. You can then comparison shop this with dealership financing offers.

Tip #2: Search Online

Second, don't just head down to the dealership to look for a commercial truck. Instead, get online and look at the inventory at your local dealership. This will allow you to compare features and figure out what vehicle you want to look at in person.

That way, when you call up the semi-truck dealership, you can let them know precisely what trucks you want them to get out for you to look at. This can help streamline the shopping process.

Tip #3: Test Drive the Truck 

Third, before you purchase a truck, be sure to take it on a test drive. Don't buy a used semi-truck without driving it first. Get behind the wheel, take it to the highway, and see how the truck drives. Have a mechanic check out the truck as well. Make sure the truck feels right, and you are comfortable driving it.

Tip #4: Check Insurance

Finally, you will want to call your commercial insurance broker and get a quote for what it will cost to get insurance for the truck you are interested in purchasing. Insurance costs can vary, so you should always check on insurance rates before purchasing a used commercial vehicle.

When it comes to purchasing a used commercial vehicle, get your financing together, and then shop online to get an idea of a local inventory. Let the dealership know what commercial vehicle you want to look up, and be sure to take it for a test drive.

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