Three Essential Truck Modifications That Can Make You The Savior Of The Off-Road Trail

Posted on: 1 December 2017

Whether it's touristy campers or naive mudders, a lot of people tend to venture off road without fitting their trucks with the proper equipment. Many of them wind up stuck in the mud and crying for help. With these three modifications, you can help save your fellow off-roaders and be the hero of the trail.

Proper Mud Tires

Any truck with a good all-wheel-drive system can hold its own on tame dirt roads. However, once they accidentally drive into a marshy low-lying area, they'll get stuck like they're in quicksand. Another common occurrence is vacationers who go out camping and think they're perfectly fine with their all-season rubber. They pitch their tents, it rains over night, then they try to leave in the morning and they can't move an inch.

If you install a proper set of mud tires on your truck, you'll be able to tear through mud and slush that people with stock tires couldn't even dream of tackling. You'll be able to drive out to stranded tourists and you'll be the hero of the day.

A Winch and a Gooseneck Hitch

Once you work your way out to someone who's stuck, you need a way to pull them out of the grime. That's where a high-powered winch and gooseneck hitch will come in handy.

With a winch, you'll be able to hook up stranded truckers and yank them free of the mud. Make sure you install a winch with a high weight capacity to support your own rig added to the weight someone else's. When it comes to saving tourists, it's also good to have a gooseneck hitch installed. A lot of them will likely be family men trying to get a taste of nature with a camper. With your properly-equipped rig, you'll be able hook up their campers to your hitch and tow them out of the mud, making you the hero of their ill-planned wilderness vacations.

Fully-Loaded Toolboxes

Sometimes your fellow off-roaders wind up stranded not because their trucks aren't capable enough, but because they tear up. Having toolboxes loaded up with everything you need to make on-the-fly trail repairs can make you the savior of someone who's had an unexpected breakdown.

Furthermore, off-roading is rough on even the most hardcore trucks. No matter how built your rigs is or how good of a driver you are, you'll most likely experience a mechanical failure somewhere out on the trail. Having a fully-loaded toolbox and a decent amount of mechanical knowhow will allow you to fix your own rig instead of waiting around for someone else to come save you.